Cybersecurity is one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of a business. In the internet and technology era, where so many aspects of a company have moved online, cybersecurity is still seldom a concern. However, companies are increasingly becoming the target of the fraudulent activities of hackers.

An internet security course for the employees can improve the cybersecurity of your business. Here are the features of a course you should consider.

The Basics

A good cybersecurity course should cover all the basics. Although it is a common belief that the most significant risks of cyberattacks involve people dealing with highly confidential data, the truth is quite different. 95% of cyberattacks involve people making simple, common mistakes that give hackers access to vital information.

A good cybersecurity course will cover all bases. It will ensure that your staff knows all the essentials to protect themselves and the organization from the most common cyber threats.

Targeted Training

Though it is great to cover all the basics, that alone isn’t enough. Employees, especially those at the higher levels, must be trained against specific attacks. For example, ransomware attacks which take control of the system are more prone to target systems of higher-ranking employees. Such attacks require additional training so that they can be prevented.

Targeted training can also include attacks that are more frequent in certain sectors. For example, in real estate, business email compromise (BEC) schemes are quite common. In BEC attacks, the hacker pretends to be a legitimate business over email with the end goal of getting the target to transfer funds to the scammers.

Tailored for All

Your employees are tasked with various responsibilities and have different access to information. A one-size-fits-all training program might teach ground-level employees but might have too little for managerial positions. A quality internet security course must have something for all employees. Tailoring these courses will make the training optimized without the risk of leaving anything out.

Updated and Ongoing

Cybercrimes are constantly evolving. There is a constant battle between cybersecurity experts and cybercriminals to one-up each other. Many businesses think that once they have learned how to avoid basic cyberattacks, they are safe forever. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

A good internet security course must continue to update. It should cover the latest threats that have been impacting businesses and individuals online. If a new cyberattack has recently become a problem, the training should include ways to counter it.

It is also essential that the course is ongoing. As new threats emerge, employees must be trained periodically to be safe from them. They should also be tested on their past knowledge to keep the skills and knowledge fresh. Such holistic training is the only way to stay safe from cyberattacks in the long run.


With the right internet security course, you can keep your business safe from cyber threats. Get your staff started with a class to teach the basics, keep them updated on new threats, or hone their current security skills and understanding.

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