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There is an epidemic of cybersecurity threats and no one’s safe anymore. Business can no longer afford to overlook the primary significance of training its employees of the threats and best practises to encounter cybersecurity. How well is your business and its staff prepared to take on highly skilled cyber criminals or malicious hackers who aim to steal data or any other valuable information or service?

Ever growing threat

Research suggests that over 80% of all cyber breaches are the result of a general lack of cybersecurity awareness and/or an individual not exercising due care when using the internet. Our cybersecurity awareness courses reveal the common threats and scams businesses are exposed to and will lead to a greater understanding of cybersecurity and help reduce the likelihood of accidentally clicking on links or opening files which can have serious consequences for any business.

Anyone can be a target, even the CEO

It is important to remember that no staff member is immune from a cyber-attack, particularly if they are not trained to spot it.  Comprehensive cybersecurity training is important for all members of your business, not just the IT departments.  Especially for those who have access to your organisation’s information and data, including Directors, Executives and Managers.

Improve reputation and client satisfaction

A cyber-attack on your business can derail your entire business and destroy its reputation. By investing in comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training for your staff, you will improve your business reputation and gain further client confidence.

Bolster Employee Confidence

By implementing cybersecurity awareness training, your employees gain an insight into the many potential cyber scams and attacks, giving them confidence to not only use the technology they need to but also what to do to help protect your business.

Improve cybersecurity of your business

One of the biggest benefits to implementing cybersecurity awareness is better security in your business. Your staff will recognise potential cyber scams and attacks and know how to stop them before they impact your business.

If you say Yes to any of these, you need Cybersecurity Awareness training:

  1. Do your staff know how to recognise a Ransomware attack?
  2. Are you aware of the current scams and attacks that may target your industry sector?
  3. Are your staff confident in recognising and stopping a potential cyber scam?
  4. Does your business know how to recover from a cyber incident?

Are your cyber policies and processes established and adopted across your business?