Local Government Authorities

Cyber threats are the second biggest risk facing Local Government, but in generally tend to not have the resources to tackle them.  Most of their IT departments are explaining that they’re dealing with a lot of old and legacy systems and that the cost to upskill their staff and upgrade their systems to ensure adequate cyber preparedness and security is beyond the capacity of their current budget. Our cybersecurity awareness course offers a cost effective solution for Local Government Authorities seeking to educate their staff and executives against the potential risk of cyber-attack.

Who this course is for

  • This course is intended for Local Government Authorities and their staff that uses email and the Internet in general.

What you will learn

  • Understand the main sources of cyber security threats and hazards
  • Improve awareness to identify potential cyber security danger, both professionally and personally; and
  • Gain knowledge of general do’s and don’ts for all staff.

The Course

  • Developed by industry focused cybersecurity experts.
  • A full audio and video online course, with confirmatory questions.
  • On completion a certificate is provided via pdf.


  • You should know how to use a computer.
  • You should understand how to use basic computer software such as e-mail, internet browser and Microsoft office products.