Course Options & Pricing

Cybersecurity Awareness for Professionals

These industry specific courses can be purchased either:

  1. Individually
  2. By a Business for multiple users – where price and offering varies dependent upon the number of seats purchased

The following table shows the costs of course per user size and services offered:

No. Users

Price per Seat (inc GST)



Up to 5


Up to 10


Up to 20


Up to 50


Up to 100



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Service Offering
Quarterly Cyber Update X X X X X X X
Unlimited access to complete training & awareness modules X X X X X X X
Progress tracking of employee logins and use X X X X X X
Formulated training schedule with notification for overdue training X X X X X X

Cyber Awareness Templates

Service coming soon.

Cyber Awareness for Executives and Managers

Course coming soon.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals (Micro Credential Course)

Course coming soon.