Frequently Asked Questions

  • Simply select the industry you work in and choose the appropriate course as either a staff member or a business leader
  • Once selected, you will be directed to a subscription and secure payment page
  • All of our payment page is offered through……and is secured to latest banking security standards

The Cybersecurity Awareness course for professionals can be purchased either:

  1. Individually
  2. By a Business on a per seat basis – where price and offering varies dependent upon the number of seats purchased

The following table shows the costs of course per user size and services offered:

No. Users 1 Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 50 Up to 100 101+
Price per Seat (inc GST) $99 $79.90 $69.90 $59.90 $39.90 $29.90 Contact Us
Service Offering
Quarterly Cyber Update X X X X X X X
Unlimited access to complete training & awareness modules X X X X X X X
Progress tracking of employee logins and use X X X X X X
Formulated training schedule with notification for overdue training X X X X X X
Training & Awareness Plan document template for your organisation X X X X X
Kick-off consultation on how to deliver the training and awareness program to your organisation X X X
Quarterly one-on-one consultations with a subject matter expert on cyber awareness related to your industry sector X X

As an employee cybersecurity awareness training will:

    • Introduce you to cybersecurity terms and threats such as malware, phishing and social engineering
    • Teach you how to respond to threats that could harm you or your organisation
    • Offer insights on how to protect your digital life, whether at work or at home.

As an employer, the benefits of cybersecurity awareness training include:

    • Develop a security focused employee culture
    • Improve employee engagement across your business
    • Empower employees to act on suspicious cyber events
    • Reduce potential downtime due to a cyber attack
    • Expand awareness to reduce cyber threat
    • Get everyone on the same page

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