Would you and your coworkers know how to recognize a ransomware attack? Are you aware of the current scams and attacks which may target your industry? And does your organization know how to recover from a cyber-attack? If you answer no to any of these questions, consider working with an online security expert. Read on to learn more about the various cybersecurity threats and how you can avoid them by working with the experts at the Institute of Cybersecurity.

An Influx of Cybersecurity Threats

There’s ever-growing concern about online security threats. Cybercriminals have impacted people from all walks of life and positions. Cyber-attacks are a possibility, from ordinary individuals to small, medium, and large businesses to government organizations.

According to new research, over 80% of cyber data breaches are because of a lack of cybersecurity awareness. Individuals and organizations are not exercising due care when using the internet. No employee, employer, CEO, or major world figure is immune to hacking and data breaches. Comprehensive cybersecurity training is crucial for all people, not just IT departments.

About the Institute of Cybersecurity

The growing numbers and sophistication of hackers dictate the need for online security training across companies, governments, and private organizations of all sizes. The Institute of Cybersecurity was established to deliver industry-specific cybersecurity awareness training to businesses all over Australia. The courses they offer have been designed and developed by professional cybersecurity experts. Plus, they are regularly updated with the latest issues and guidelines.

By incorporating cybersecurity awareness training, you can create a culture of enhanced cybersecurity. Every member of the organization will also have an expanded awareness of the various cyber threats. This awareness can reduce potential exposure to cyber-attacks in your day-to-day operations. Additionally, employees gain a better understanding of these threats. They can take action to protect their data and devices as well.

Benefits of Improving Cybersecurity

There are many perks to improving your company’s online security awareness. It helps enhance the overall reputation and client satisfaction. Remember that a cyber-attack can derail your operations and destroy the business’s reputation as a trusted and safe place. By investing in updated, comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training, you can gain further client confidence.

For employees, the benefits of cybersecurity training include teaching them how to respond to threats that could harm their organization. It can also offer employees insights on protecting their digital life, whether at home or work. The training can also introduce employees to cybersecurity terms and threats like phishing, social engineering, and malware.

Other benefits of online security awareness training include developing a security-focused employee culture. The training can also improve employee engagement across all levels, empower employees to act on suspicious events, and reduce potential downtimes.

The first step to sign up for a cybersecurity awareness course is to select the industry you work in and choose the appropriate course offering. You can sign up either as a staff member or business leader.

Once you’ve made your choice, you will be directed to a subscription and secure payment page.  All the institute’s payments are offered through a secure system, which follows Australia’s latest security standards for banking.

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